When it comes to car wrapping and design, you are in the right hands in our shop in WrapStyle Dubai. The unique project requires special needs. In this case, it was definitely an original approach to achieving such a glorious wrap with an exceptional finish. To achieve such an effect is the magic of the wrapping, not the colourful print by itself. Let us share with you how to proceed.  

We had to come up with a particular procedure. Artura was not wrapped just once, but twice in this case. First of all, we wrapped the whole car in silver chrome, and then we printed the design on transparent vinyl and wrapped it for a second time. Direct printing on chrome is very treacherous in terms of quality, so it was not an option. We have laminated this printed transparent vinyl once again to protect the colourful print and then applied this “sandwich” on chrome in a wet way. So there are three layers of vinyl on the car. 

Since it was a transformation of a work of art from a well-known London artist living in Dubai, Nat Bowen, we had to approach it in such a way that the resulting effect reflected the already mentioned work of art. 

The whole project was then presented at the opening in Dubai on a new model car Mclaren Arura plugin hybrid. You can read more about this project at the following links: